About Me

Hi,  I'm Stephanie! I’m a wife, mom of two babies, and a former performance  management professional at a Fortune 500 company that loves to cook and  entertain with flair.

I  want to show you how to create a fun, glamorous dining experience in  the comfort of your own home using fresh, easy to follow recipes and  table setting tips along the way. From family dinners to girls night to  holiday entertaining, I’ve got ideas to inspire your next meal.

I  started playing with recipes and practicing culinary arts in 2012 and  quickly fell in love. The taste, the aroma’s and the science of food  really brought out my analytical and creative side. I’ve learned through  research and lots of trial and error throughout the way.

Seven  years late my passion for creating healthy food and beautiful dining  experiences continues to grow. I believe that cooking and hosting  doesn’t have to break the bank and should be a fun experience for both  the host(ess) and their families and friends.